Talent RF-309 Silent Disco 3 Channel Headphones with 3 Color LED

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    Talent's Silent Disco Systems provide a personalized listening experience for a vast array of applications. Silent discos are events in which the audience uses a pair of dedicated headphones to select what they hear. From battling DJs to language interpretation for presentations, Talent's Silent Disco Systems provide a flexible, noise-free audio option. Silent disco systems are not only entertaining but also extremely practical and functional.

    Silent disco systems feature multi-channel wireless headphones and several transmitters with dedicated input sources. Event planners can use up to three independent transmitters to provide the audience with three different options for listening. Each audience member receives a set of multi-channel wireless RF headphones. The headphones feature channel-select controls so each person can decide which transmitter they are hearing. Headphone LEDs also offer feedback as to which audio broadcast the audience member has selected. The headphones also include personal volume control.

    The noise-free nature of the headphone based system means you do not have to worry about noise complaints. This low noise system allows your events to go late into the night without police knocking on your door. Since the headphones provide the audio, you also do not need to haul around and fuss with a large traditional sound reinforcement system. Using silent disco systems, you can have multiple performers without the need for a separate stage, which conserves event space. The compact nature of the silent disco system makes it incredibly portable and expandable based on the event size. The long-range RF wireless system allows for virtually unlimited audience participation.

    Versatile and expandable, the Talent's Silent Disco Systems are perfect for live music events, fitness clubs, bars and restaurants, educational spaces, and conference rooms, among many more. Creating a personalized listening experience for the audience, Talent's Silent Disco Systems, aid you in throwing a unique, enjoyable, and memorable event.

    Key Features:

    • Combine up to three transmitters to create a 3-channel system that allows for up to three audio sources or performers the audience can select from.

    • Each transmitter can pair to an unlimited number of headphones which provides flexible expansion options.

    • Integrated NFC sticker for use with third party inventory tracking app to monitor unreturned headphones.

    • Long-range UHF/RF wireless systems deliver a wide coverage area without playback interruption.

    • Headphones provide earcup LED feedback as to which channel they are connected to.

    • Systems are easy to set up and extremely mobile allowing for simple and quick integration into your setup.

    • Includes one pair of headphones, USB charging cable (AC adapter not included).

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