Talent MTC1 Lavalier Wireless Microphone Tie Clip

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    Why spend more to replace your lavalier wireless microphone tie clip? The Talent MTC1 works with 12 to 15 mm diameter lavalier microphone element.

    Wireless lavalier microphone clips are easy to lose, and microphone manufacturers charge a premium for replacements. Talent designed the all-metal MTC1 lavalier wireless microphone clip with ease-of-use in mind. A spring-loaded alligator clip quickly attaches to almost any article of clothing and features an open section for cable rigging, while the spring retention ring holds the microphone element securely in place.

    Talent's MTC1 is designed to replace the lavalier lapel microphone tie clip included with wireless microphones that have a 12 to 15 mm body diameter.

    Key Features:

    • All metal design finished in an inconspicuous flat-black.

    • Expandable 12 to 15 mm retention ring to accommodate many lapel mics.

    • Less than half the price of the leading competitors wireless mic clip.

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